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You might be a General Geocacher if... know what DNF, TFTC/H, TNLNSL, and other such words mean. use the term Muggle frequently, and have never read the Harry Potter books.

...when you're introduced to someone new, you use your geocache name. drive through town and point out all the caches you pass. own more than one GPS unit. can open a cache and name the last couple people who've been there - simply because of their signature items. carry a hardhat, an orange vest, and a clipboard as "Personal Camo." pay more attention to the packaging than the actual product. know that a GPS can be a cell phone or a camera in a pinch. are always bending over to tie your shoes - even when they are already tied. give directions using caches. plan vacations around caches along the way.

...a 30 mile trip takes several hours. look at a natural disaster (fire, flood, earthquake) and the first thing you think about is any caches that might be affected.