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When I was looking into helping out the Nevada Rock Art Foudation, I got ahold of their checklist for equipment to bring to a site. Included on the sheet was a questionaire regarding GPS experience. Well, that led to me researching GPS units. Halfway through my search, I stumbled upon the Geocaching Homepage and well, it sounded like an awesome idea. The basics is like the treasure hunts kids always do, but with a high tech twist. Someone hides a cache (typically a metal container) in the great wide somewhere, comes back and provides the coordinates to that cache, and others attempt to find it. Usually, the seeker takes a token of their accomplishment, and leaves something for the next person.

Now, dear sweet Daddy oh mine, noticed I kept putting off buying a GPS (you know, the whole "I'm in debt" thing), so I ended up with an early birthday gift. A Garmin eTrex Legend. <giggles insanely>

On August 3rd, 2003 we set out to find some caches nearby (of the 1400 then available). And we began to find them...