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Greetings, and welcome!!SHM #1

Sometime during 1999 or 2000, I read an article in the Appeal that told how a Historical Marker was lost due to construction of a nearby golf course. So, I set out to make a photographic record of all the state markers.

There can't be that many, right?

This was before I began exploring this beautiful state, before I even cared about it's rich history and colorful past, before I knew the difference between Elko, Eureka, and Ely and towns with nams like Panaca, Pioche, and Pahrump were exotic, far off, places.

There can be that many!!

5 years later I'm beginning to close in on my goal. I know of 260+ markers, and I have photos of just over 200 of them. Maybe 210.

My interest was re-ignited when a Vegas-based cacher named LongWalker created a locationless cache for all the Markers. Later, when locationless caches were exiled to WayMarks, a Reno cacher named grimmie began creating the SHM series. Now I'm determined to finish this project.

If you want to see the State's Official Site for these, you can go here: Nevada's Historical Markers.