Nevada Rock Art Geocaching Historical Markers

State of Nevada
County Markers
1 Empire and the Carson River Mills [Carson City]
2 Pioneer Memorial Park [Humboldt County]
3 West End of Hastings Cutoff [Elko County]
4 Junction House—The First Settlement [Washoe County]
5 Pioche [Lincoln County]
6 El Dorado Canyon [Clark County]
7 Dayton [Lyon County]
8 Austin [Lander County]
9 Copper Country [White Pine County]
10 Sand Mountain [Churchill County]
11 Eureka [Eureka County]
12 Nevada's Birthplace [Douglas County]
13 The Comstock Lode [Storey County]
14 Goldfield [Esmeralda County]
15 Tonopah [Nye County]
16 Mineral County [Mineral County]
17 Pershing County [Pershing County]
18 Pryamid Lake [Washoe County]
19 Ragtown [Churchill County]
20 Columbus [Esmeralda County]
21 The Humboldt Canal [Humboldt County]
22 Humboldt River [Humboldt County]
23 Humboldt House [Pershing County]
24 Olinghouse [Washoe County]
25 Nevada's Capitol [Carson City]
26 Forty-Mile Desert [Churchill County]
27 Grimes Point (Prehistoric Rock Art Site) [Churchill County]
28 Mark Twain [Storey County]
29 Chinese in Nevada [Washoe County]
30 Reno [Washoe County]
31 The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) [Clark County]
32 The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) [Clark County]
33 The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) [Clark County]
34 The Old Spanish Trail (1829-1850) [Clark County]
35 Las Vegas Mormon Fort and Rancho (Nevada's Oldest Building) [Clark County]
36 Moapa Valley [Clark County]
37 Powell of the Colorado [Clark County]
38 Pahranagat Valley [Lincoln County]
39 Panaca [Lincoln County]
40 Las Vegas (The Meadows) [Clark County]
41 Pueblo Grande de Nevada [Clark County]
42 Big Smoke Valley [Nye County]
43 Derby Diversion Dam [Washoe County]
44 Carson City [Carson City]
45 Humboldt Wells [Elko County]
46 Pilot Peak [Elko County]
47 Fort Halleck Military Reservation (1867-1886) [Elko County]
48 Tuscarora [Elko County]
49 Applegate-Lassen Emigrant Trail Cutoff [Pershing County]
50 Carlin Canyon [Elko County]
51 Schellbourne [White Pine County]
52 Cherry Creek [White Pine County]
53 Hamilton [White Pine County]
54 Ward Mining District [White Pine County]
55 Caliente (Culverwell's Ranch) [Lincoln County]
56 Virgin Valley [Clark County]
57 Old Boundary (Nevada's Southern Boundary 1861-1867) [Lincoln County]
58 Old Boundary (Nevada's Southern Boundary 1861-1867) [Nye County]
59 Stokes Castle [Lander County]
60 Hawthorne (Present Mineral County Seat—Former Esmeralda County Seat) [Mineral County]
61 Mound House [Lyon County]
62 Truckee River—West [Washoe County]
63 Truckee River—East [Washoe County]
64 Ophir [Nye County]
65 Palisade [Eureka County]
66 Jacobsville [Lander County]
67 Austin Churches [Lander County]
68 Wadsworth [Washoe County]
69 Jarbidge [Elko County]
70 Bliss Mansion [Carson City]
71 Methodist Church of Carson City [Carson City]
72 Nevada State Children's Home [Carson City]
73 Unknown Soldiers [Elko County]
74 Wellington [Lyon County]
75 Government Building (1888-1970) [Carson City]
76 Eagle Valley [Carson City]
77 Dat-So-La-Lee [Carson City]
78 Orion Clemens' Home [Carson City]
79 Civil War Plot [Washoe County]
80 Eureka County Courthouse [Eureka County]
81 Grand Army Of The Republic Memorial Tree [Washoe County]
82 Diamond Valley [Eureka County]
83 Rock Creek (Cold Springs Station) [Churchill County]
84 Jedediah Strong Smith (Explorer of the Western Wilderness) [White Pine County]
85 Sutro [Lyon County]
86 Tule Springs (Archeological Site) [Clark County]
87 Savage Mansion (c.1863) [Storey County]
88 Sparks [Washoe County]
89 Paradise Valley [Humboldt County]
90 Delamar, "The Widow Maker" (1893-1909) [Lincoln County]
91 Stewart Indian School [Carson City]
92 Candelaria and Metallic City [Mineral County]
93 Panaca Mercantile Store [Lincoln County]
94 The Winters Ranch (Rancho Del Sierra) [Washoe County]
95 Battle Mountain [Lander County]
96 Round Mountain [Nye County]
97 Manhattan "The Pine Tree Camp" [Nye County]
98 Osceola (1872-1940) [White Pine County]
99 Taylor [White Pine County]
100 Nevada Northern Railway [White Pine County]
101 Miller's [Esmeralda County]
102 Goodsprings (Mining District 1856-1957) [Clark County]
103 Gypsum Cave [Clark County]
104 The Camel Corps [Clark County]
105 Golconda [Humboldt County]
106 Elko [Elko County]
107 Elko Airport (Terminus of the First Commercial Air Mail Route) [Elko County]
108 Ruby Valley Pony Express Station (Reconstructed) [Elko County]
109 Lamoille Valley [Elko County]
110 Wagon Jack Shelter [Churchill County]
111 Edwards Creek Valley [Churchill County]
112 Carlin [Elko County]
113 Wabuska [Lyon County]
114 Franktown [Washoe County]
115 Potosi [Clark County]
116 Searchlight [Clark County]
117 Kingsbury Grade [Douglas County]
118 Luther Canyon (Fay Canyon) [Douglas County]
119 Reul Colt Gridley (Citizen Extraordinaire) [Lander County]
120 Walley's Hot Springs [Douglas County]
121 Mottsville [Douglas County]
122 Sheridan [Douglas County]
123 Cradlebaugh Bridge [Douglas County]
124 Boyd Toll Road [Douglas County]
125 Twelve Mile House [Douglas County]
126 Double Springs [Douglas County]
127 Courthouse Site (1865-1907) [Lyon County]
128 The Great Train Robbery [Washoe County]
129 Gardnerville [Douglas County]
130 Minden [Douglas County]
131 Dresslerville [Douglas County]
132 Mackay Mansion [Storey County]
133 Fish Lake Valley [Esmeralda County]
134 Trans-Sierran Pioneer Flight (March 22, 1919) [Carson City]
135 New Pass Station [Churchill County]
136 Toquima Cave [Lander County]
137 Hickison Summit [Lander County]
138 Belmont [Nye County]
139 Old Spanish Trail (Journey of Death) [Clark County]
140 Old Spanish Trail (Garces Expedition) [Clark County]
141 Old Spanish Trail (Armijo's Route) [Clark County]
142 Old Spanish Trail (Mountain Springs Pass) [Clark County]
143 Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins (1844-1891) [Humboldt County]
144 Fort McDermitt [Humboldt County]
145 Unionville (Pershing County) [Pershing County]
146 McDermitt Indian Reservation (Northern Paiute) [Humboldt County]
147 A Home of Early Man [Churchill County]
148 The Two Battles Of Pyramid Lake [Washoe County]
149 High Rock Canyon [Washoe County]
150 Nevada's First State Park [Clark County]
151 Duck Valley Indian Reservation [Elko County]
152 Gerlach [Washoe County]
153 Jarbidge Community Hall [Elko County]
154 Belleville [Mineral County]
155 Silver Peak (Discovered 1863) [Esmeralda County]
156 Gold Point [Esmeralda County]
157 Lida [Esmeralda County]
158 Palmetto [Esmeralda County]
159 Ione [Nye County]
160 Panaca Spring [Lincoln County]
161 Churchill County Courthouse [Churchill County]
162 Camp McGarry [Humboldt County]
163 Chinatown (Early Name of Dayton) [Lyon County]
164 Button Point (Named in Honor of Frank Button) [Humboldt County]
165 Nevada Test Site [Nye County]
166 Bowers Mansion [Washoe County]
167 Valmy [Humboldt County]
168 Arrowhead Trail (1914-1924) [Clark County]
169 Glendale School [Washoe County]
170 Eureka Sentinel Building [Eureka County]
171 Chief Tecopa (Peacemaker of the Paiutes) [Nye County]
172 Tybo (Silver-Lead-Zinc Camp) [Nye County]
173 Beatty (Center of the Gold Railroads—"Chicago of the West") [Nye County]
174 Blair (Developed by Accident) [Esmeralda County]
175 Stewart-Nye Residence [Carson City]
176 The Surveyors [Lander County]
177 Desert Well Station (Overland Mail and Stage Station) [Lyon County]
178 Hazen [Churchill County]
179 First Air Flights in Nevada [Carson City]
180 The Warm Springs Hotel [Carson City]
181 The Washo Indians [Carson City]
182 Panaca Ward Chapel [Lincoln County]
183 Walker River Reservation [Mineral County]
184 Ward Charcoal Ovens [White Pine County]
185 McCone's Foundries [Lyon County]
186 Union Hotel and Post Office [Lyon County]
187 The Cattle Industry [Eureka County]
188 Von Schmidt State Boundary Monument [Clark County]
189 Southern Pacific Railroad Yards [Washoe County]
190 Original Homesite of Pioneer Las Vegas, "Pop" Squires (1865-1958) [Clark County]
191 Verdi [Washoe County]
192 Buckland's Station (On the California Emigrant Trail) [Lyon County]
193 Historic Flume and Lumber Yard [Carson City]
194 Gardner's Ranch [Carson City]
195 The Last Spike [Clark County]
196 The United States Mint at Carson City, Nevada [Carson City]
197 Arrowhead Trail II [Clark County]
198 Steamboat Springs [Washoe County]
199 Camels in Dayton [Lyon County]
200 Hall's Station [Lyon County]
201 Wonder (Historic Mining Camp—1906-1919) [Churchill County]
202 Fairview (1905-1917) [Churchill County]
203 Bullionville [Lincoln County]
204 Jackrabbit [Lincoln County]
205 Crystal Springs [Lincoln County]
206 Hiko [Lincoln County]
207 Carson Valley [Douglas County]
208 International Hotel (First Commercial Building Constructed in Austin—1863) [Lander County]
209 Chollar Mine [Storey County]
210 Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad Depot [Washoe County]
211 Old Geiger Grade (In Canyon Below) [Washoe County]
212 Galena [Washoe County]
213 Lakeview [Carson City]
214 Rafael Rivera [Clark County]
215 Lahontan Dam [Churchill County]
216 Stillwater [Churchill County]
217 Tate's Stage Station (1886-1901) [Nye County]
218 Geiger Station (Magnolia House) [Washoe County]
219 Glenbrook [Douglas County]
220 The Fight of the Century [Washoe County]
221 Sand Harbor [Washoe County]
222 Tannehill Cabin—One of Eureka's First Houses [Eureka County]
223 Devil's Gate [Lyon County]
224 Kyle Ranch [Clark County]
225 Spooner Area (Logging and Lumber Period: 1868-1895) [Douglas County]
226 Cave Rock [Douglas County]
227 Lake Mansion [Washoe County]
228 The Great Fire of 1875 [Storey County]
229 Oil from Shale [Elko County]
230 Mount Rose Weather Observatory [Washoe County]
231 Star City [Pershing County]
232 Reunion in Unionville [Pershing County]
233 Dayton Cemetery [Lyon County]
234 Moana Springs [Washoe County]
235 Camp Nye [Carson City]
236 Piper's Opera House [Storey County]
237 Carson and Colorado Railroad Freight Depot [Mineral County]
238 Huffaker's [Washoe County]
239 Stonehouse [Humboldt County]
240 Coney Island [Washoe County]
241 Unassigned
242 Southern Nevada Consolidated Telephone-Telegraph Company Building [Esmeralda County]
243 Corbett—Fitzsimmons Fight [Carson City]
244 Dinner Station [Elko County]
245 Frederick Joseph DeLongchamps (June 2, 1882—February 11, 1969) [Washoe County]
246 The Great Incline of the Sierra Nevada [Washoe County]
247 Site of Nevada's First Public Library [Washoe County]
248 Virginia & Truckee Railroad Right of Way [Washoe County]
249 Union Pacific Depot—1923 [Lincoln County]
250 State Printing Building [Carson City]
251 Diamondfield Jack Davis [Elko County]
252 Rinckel Mansion [Carson City]
253 Emigrant—Donner Camp [Washoe County]
254 The Eureka Mining District [Eureka County]
255 Wilson Canyon [Douglas County]
256 Historic Transportation Route from Honey Lake to Virginia City [Washoe County]
257 Nevada's First Gold Discovery [Lyon County]
258 Charles W Friend House, Observatory, and Weather Station [Carson County]
259 The Govenor's Mansion [Carson County]
260 Contact, Nevada [Elko County]
261 Spooner Summit [Douglas County]
262 Dayton School House - 1865 [Douglas County]
263 Oats Park School [Churchill County]