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Historical Marker #94

Located just east of U.S. Highway 395 in the northern portion of Washoe Valley.

The Winters' Ranch
(Rancho Del Sierra)

This large carpenter-Gothic style structure, completed about 1864, was the ranch home of Theodore and Maggie Winters and their seven children. Originally this area was settled by Mormons, and the ranch was purchased from Mormons by Winters and his brother, from the proceeds of the Comstock. Theodore Winters immediately set out to enlarge his property and built the mansion you see. The ranch, at one time, consisted of around 6,000 acres.

Winters raised outstanding race horses and raced them here. He also had a large dairy operation, raised beef cattle, work horses and sheep.

Theodore Winters was active in politics, being elected territorial representative in 1862.

Notes on this marker:

North end of the Valley, good views from here.

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