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Historical Marker #89

Located at the Post Office in Paradise Valley on State Route 290.

Paradise Valley

Hudson Bay Company's Peter Skeen Ogden passed through Paradise Valley November 8, 1828. First settled in 1863, Indian trouble starting in 1864, worsening in 1865, led to the establishment of Camp Winfield Scott (1866-1870) about four miles from here. Paradise Valley soon became the granary and fruit-raising center for the mining camps of central and eastern Nevada and those of southwest Idaho Territory.

Scottsdale, named for the nearby Army Post, was established in 1866. It was renamed Paradise City in 1869. During the valley's period of mining activity (1878-1920), the community served as supply center for the small camps of Queen City, Spring City and Gouge-Eye. Today, livestock raising is the main activity. The town is now called simply Paradise Valley.

Notes on this marker:

I wish I had time to visit this town, but we were heading further north to Hinkley Summit.

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