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Historical Marker #90

Located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 93 and the dirt road to Delamar.

Delamar "The Widow Maker" (1893-1909)

Gold was discovered here in 1889. This isolated, treeless metropolis of over 1,500 residents, had a newspaper, hospital, school, churches, saloons and a stockbroker. Entertainment included brass bands, dance orchestras and stage attractions at the Opera House.

Water came from Meadow Valley Wash, 12 miles away. All other materials were hauled through the mountains by mule team 150 miles from a railroad head at Milford, Utah. For 16 years, most of the bullion was hauled out in the same manner.

The dry milling processes used prior to the introduction of wet methods created a fine silicon or "death" dust which caused the deaths of many residents and gave the town its nickname.

Delamar produced $15,000,000 in gold and was Nevada's leading producer of that decade.

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