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Historical Marker #73

Located in the cemetery at Motello, on State Route 223 twenty-three miles north of Interstate Highway 80.

Unknown Soldiers


Victims of the influenza epidemic of 1918, the graves of ten soldiers buried here represent a mystery to this day as to their identity. During a period of World War I, troop trains ran regularly through Montello. As soldiers became ill en route, they were unloaded at the nearest hospitals. The Southern Pacific Railroad kept a doctor at Montello who checked every train en route. Ill passengers were treated in a makeshift hospital at the town's hotel.

The graves were unmarked for years but through the persistent efforts of Mr. and Mrs. William Kimber of Montello, and the 40 & 8 of Las Vegas, the previously unmarked graves, although still unidentified as to name, were marked in 1975.

Unfortunately, fires had destroyed the original government records.

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