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Historical Marker #74

Located at the junction of State Routes 208 and 338 in Smith Valley, Nevada.


Following the mining boom in the Aurora District in 1860, Jack Wright and Leonard Hamilton put up a bridge across the West Walker River and established a stage station at this location. Wagons and stages were repaired, horses shod and the station became a trading center for nearby ranches and farms.

In 1863, Daniel Wellington bought out the interests of Wright and Hamilton and the station became known as "Wellington's." The Wellington Hotel, located about a half mile south of the station, was constructed by wagonmaster Zadok Pierce in 1875. Over the years it has served as a livery stable, freight station, general store and post office.

Notes on this marker:

This one is at the fork in the road at the center of town. In the scene schot is a white building - Great Restaurant!

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