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Historical Marker #201

Located along U.S. Highway 50, eight miles east of Frenchman.

Wonder (Historic Mining Camp—1906-1919)

Located 13 miles to the north is the camp of Wonder, a major mining center in the early years of this century. Thomas J. Stroud and several others made the first locations in March of 1906 and in June of that year the Wonder Mining District was organized.

Wonder's boom was brief, but spectacular. Stores and saloons were in operation by mid-summer, 1906, and a school was begun in 1907. Bench Creek provided water for the camp and an ice plant and a swimming pool made life somewhat more bearable. During a brief span of years, the Nevada Wonder Mining Company produced some $6,000,000 in silver, gold, copper and zinc.

Wonder's most prominent native is Eva Adams, administrative assistant to Senator Patrick A. McCarran for many years and director of the U.S. Mint during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

Notes on this marker:

To get to Wonder, follow the paved road, turn on the eastern dirt road that leads into the mountain, and keep going.

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