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Historical Marker #228

Located on "A" Street in Virginia City, Nevada.

The Great Fire of 1875

The most spectacular calamity to befall Virginia City had its origins within fifty feet of this marker. Early on the morning of October 26, 1875, a coal oil lamp was knocked over in a nearby boarding house and burst into flames. Strong winds spread the blaze and thirty-three blocks of structures were leveled. The losses included St. Mary's-In-The-Mountains Catholic Church, the Storey County Courthouse, Piper's Opera House, the International Hotel, city offices and most of Virginia City's business district. The offices and hoisting works of nearby mines were also destroyed and there were several fire-related deaths that day. A new hydrant system was established after the fire and a number of new houses, such as this one, were constructed. This system still serves the community today, together with a volunteer fire department.

Notes on this marker:

1875 devastated Virginia City. There was very little left afterwards.

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