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Historical Marker #250

Located at 101 South Fall Street in Carson City.

State Printing Building


Constructed in 1885-86, the State Printing Building is the second oldest structure built by the State of Nevada in the Capitol Complex. It was designed in a neo-classical style by Reno architect Morrill J. Curtis to complement the older State Capitol. Like the Capitol, it is constructed of sandstone ashlar quarried at the nearby State Prison. For almost eighty years, the building housed the offices and presses of the State Printer. Since the turn of the century, several state offices have occupied the two floors including the State Fire Marshal, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Division of Buildings and Grounds, and more recently, Nevada Magazine and the Division of Archives and Records.

Notes on this marker:

This one is hard to find. First you need to park near the capitol or the Library. Then you need to go into the courtyard between them and look for the little building in the picture.

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