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Historical Marker #213

Located along U.S. Highway 395 at Lakeview Grade north of Carson City.


As early as 1863, two hotels with appurtenant stables were located here. In 1872, one hotel became a station on the newly-completed Virginia & Truckee Railroad between Carson City and Reno.

Crossing under the highway are three inverted siphon pipelines furnishing water from the Sierra Nevada watershed to Virginia and Carson Cities. Work was first undertaken in 1873 on the 67 mile box flume and pipeline system with the construction of a maintenance station here. The Virginia and Gold Hill Water Company's historic water gathering and transportation complex immediately became world famous.

As early as 1881, Lakeview became a lumber storage area for timber cut in the Lake Tahoe Basin. In 1887, shipping activity was accelerated as lumber was fed to the yard by a V-flume originating above the present Incline Village. From here timber products were shipped to the Comstock mines and other points via V.&T.R.R. cars. Activity ceased in 1896.

Notes on this marker:

This one is really easy to miss. It looks like a concrete pillar way off the north bound lane.

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