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Historical Marker #138

Located on State Route 82 in Belmont, Nevada.


Once visited by prehistoric man, Shoshone Indians also used this site for jackrabbit drives and for celebrations.

Silver ore discoveries in 1865, the convenience of wood and water and naturally fine location resulted in the attractive, tree-shaded mining and milling center of Belmont. Once the most flourishing town in eastern Nevada, it was the county seat from 1867-1905.

English-Irish feuds flared frequently, and the German-dominated merchant section of town once flew its own flag.

Silver production totaling $4 million was from unusually high-grade but shallow ores. Most mines shut down by 1890.

Notes on this marker:

I finally made it to Belmont! This is such a cute place, and easy to get to, once you make it to Tonopah.

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