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Historical Marker #179

Located along U.S. 395, three miles north of Carson City.

First Air Flight in Nevada (June 23, 1910)

The first air flight in Nevada took place on the old Raycraft Ranch immediately to the west. The flight was of national interest not only because an air journey had never before been made at such an altitude (4,675 feet), but also because Ivy Baldwin, a nationally known parachutist and balloonist, would make the flight.

This was a trial flight, as stipulated by the Sagebrush Carnival Committee of Carson City. It was followed by exhibition flights on July 3, 4 and 5 at the Carson City racetrack.

Baldwin made the flight in a 48-horsepower Curtis Paulham biplane, reaching a height of 50 feet and covering one-half mile before returning to the starting point.

Notes on this marker:

This one is gone. And is the one that began this whole project!

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