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Historical Marker #246

Located on State Route 28 near the Ponderosa-Bonanza Range, Incline Village, Nevada.

The Great Incline of the Sierra Nevada


The scars on the mountain above are the remnants of the "Great Incline of the Sierra Nevada." Completed in 1880, this 4,000-foot long lift was constructed by the Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Company. A unique steam-powered cable railway carried cordwood and lumber up 1,800 feet to a V-flume which carried the lumber down to Washoe Valley where it was loaded on wagons for use in the mines of the Comstock.

Driven by an engine on the summit, 8,000 continuous feet of wire cable, wrapped around massive bull wheels pulled canted cars up a double track tramline. This engineering feat would transport up to 300 cords a day from the mill located on what is now Mill Creek.

Notes on this marker:

The sign is in front of what used to be the Ponderosa Ranch, now private property.

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