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Historical Marker #171

Located at the Southern Paiute Cemetery in Pahrump, Nevada.

Chief Tecopa
(Peacemaker of the Paiutes)

The Eureka SChief Tecopa was a young man when the first white man came to southern Nevada. As the leader of the Southern Paiute tribe, he fought with vigor to save their land and traditional way of life. He soon realized, however, that if his people were to survive and prosper, he would have to establish peace and learn to live in harmony with the foreigners.

During his life-span, which covered almost the entire 19th century, his energy and time were devoted to the betterment of his people.

Chief Tecopa is honored for the peaceful relations he maintained between the Southern Paiute Indians and the white men who came to live among them.
entinel was published in this building from 1879 to 1960. Three generations of the Skillman family, Archibald, Edward and Willis, edited the newspaper. The last editor, Edward J. Moyle had been with the Sentinel for over fifty years before he took over the editorial chair in 1944.

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