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Historical Marker #136

Located at the junction of State Route 376 and U.S. Highway 50.

Toquima Cave

East of the summit, north of the highway and under a basalt flow, lies Toquima Cave. Red, white and yellow aboriginal drawings (pictographs) decorate its walls.

Usually located near springs, as here, and on migratory big game trails, painted or pecked petroglyphs are associated with the food-gathering localities of Nevada's prehistoric inhabitants.

There are no known specific meanings attached to the particular design elements. Presumably, these people created the designs as ritual devices to insure success in the hunt.

Most petroglyphs, therefore, probably are not "messages" or conscious "art forms.

Notes on this marker:

First off, No, the marker is not at the cave. The cave takes a bit to get to. The marker is on the intersection leading to the cave. Because of NRAF, I was part of a tour that got to go into the cave. Hence, the picture.

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