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Historical Marker #120

Located on State Route 57 two miles south of Genoa, Nevada.

Walley's Hot Springs

Like many Nevada hot springs, these dot a fault break along which the mountains rise.

In 1862, along this Carson branch of the Emigrant Trail, David and Harriet Walley developed a $100,000 spa with 11 baths, a ballroom and gardens. The thermal waters (136 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit) became well known as a cure of "rheumatism and scrofulous affections." (sic)

It sold for a mere $5000 in 1896 but functioned as hotel until 1935 when it burned. Its former cool cellar you see is still in use.

In 1962, trial hydro-thermal power holes were drilled here as deep as 1,250 feet; maximum temperature is 181 degrees

Notes on this marker:

This is down in the resort itself, not on the road.

SR 206 is also known as Jack's Valley Road.

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