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Historical Marker #185

Located along State Route 342 in Silver City, Nevada.

McCone's Foundries

Messers. Mead, McCone and Tascar first established a foundry in this area in 1862 at Johntown two miles southeast of here in Gold Canyon. After two years they moved their operation to this point and erected a large granite building. John McCone became the sole proprietor in 1866.

A fire on May 15, 1872, left nothing standing but the walls.

McCone then bought the Fulton Foundry in Virginia City and made it the largest in the state; 110 men were employed at its peak.

All the early castings of the Virginia and Truckee Railway were manufactured at Fulton's.

The largest casting (in its time) poured on the Pacific Coast was made at Fulton's on December 11, 1880.

Notes on this marker:

I believe this one is gone. I haven't seen it for awhile.

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