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Historical Marker #111

Located along U.S. Highway 50, approximately 35 miles west of Austin, Nevada.

Edwards Creek Valley

Abundant grass and brush found near its springs and intermittent streams were important ecological areas for the valley's prehistoric inhabitants. Shoshone Indians and their ancestors wandered seasonally to gather wild seeds and small game and settled here in winter camps. Later, Paiute Indians also lived in the valley.

In 1854, Colonel John Reese discovered a route through Edwards Creek Valley shorter than the Humboldt Trail. Established by surveyor James Simpson in 1859, it was followed by the Pony Express, the Overland Telegraph and the Butterfield Overland Mail stages. An 1862 Austin gold rush route, too, it became the principal commercial artery until 1880.

Notes on this marker:

When the scene picture was taken, the orange cone marks the stump of the destroyed marker. A recent trip showed that the marker is back in place.

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