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Historical Marker #68

Located adjacent to the Southern Pacific Railroad in Wadsworth, Nevada, at the "Big Bend" of the lower Truckee River.


From 1868 until 1884 the Central Pacific's Truckee Wadsworth division was located on this site. In 1882, work was started on a new site across the river, and by 1883 a new round house, shop, etc. were completed there. A fire on April 15, 1884, fanned by heavy wind, destroyed the remaining railroad buildings at this location, as well as the town; damage exceeded $100,000. Lack of an adequate water supply contributed to the extensive damage. Another fire in 1902 stimulated the plan to move to a new site. In 1904, division facilities in the town were moved to an entirely new location, which became Sparks, Nevada.

Notes on this marker:

Can't miss this one as it's right in the center of a huge dirt clearing.

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