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Historical Marker #235

Located on Kings Canyon Road, 2.5 miles west of the Capitol Building.

Camp Nye

Established one-half mile to the north in October of 1864, Camp Nye served as the home base for the men of Companies D and E, 1st Nevada Volunteer Cavalry, during the Civil War. Troopers from Camp Nye took an active part in protecting settlers from Indian attacks and Company D suffered the only two combat deaths incurred by Nevada Units during the War in a battle at Table Mountain in the Tuscarora Range in Elko County on May 20, 1865. Camp Nye was deactivated in August of 1865 and man and nature have obliterated all vestiges of the barracks, stables and other facilities.

Notes on this marker:

There's a little parking here, but mostly just a cool view of the ritzy side of Carson.

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