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Historical Marker #83

Located along U.S. Highway 50 in Edwards Creek Valley.

Rock Creek
(Cold Springs Station)

In its day, an important stagecoach stop on John Butterfield's (1861-1866) and Wells, Fargo & Company's (1866-69) Overland Mail & Stage Company's historic line along the Simpson Route between Salt Lake City and Genoa, Nevada. Fresh horses, blacksmith services, and wagon repair facilities were available here.

The Pony Express Cold Springs Station was constructed in 1860 on the sagebrush bench eastward across the highway.

To the north are the ruins of a telegraph repeater and maintenance station which serviced this segment of the Overland Telegraph-Pacific Telegraph Company's Pioneer Transcontinental Line, which was completed between Sacramento and Omaha in 1861. The line was abandoned in August 1869. The coming of the transcontinental railroad and its parallel telegraph line along the Humboldt River to the north spelled the demise of both the telegraph line and the stage route here.

Notes on this marker:

One of many Pony Express/Overland Station ruins that are scattered along Hwy 50.

Note to geocachers - it's on the SIGN!! <sheesh>

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