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Historical Marker #122

Located on State Route 57 eight miles south of Genoa, Nevada.


In 1861, a blacksmith shop, a store, a boarding house, and two saloons comprised the village of Sheridan which had grown up around the general store of Moses Job established prior to 1855. This enterprising merchant named the peak, in the shadow of which the town stood, after himself having planted an American flag on the top. The Sheridan House was here built before 1875. The Surveyor General, in his 1889-90 biennial report, stated that Sheridan was the metropolis of the Carson River West Fork farmers.

The Sheridan House, since converted to a dwelling, stands across the road just east of this marker. It is all that remains of the "metropolis."

Notes on this marker:

Another sunset shot. I will get another picture.

SR 206 is also known as Jack's Valley Road.

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