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Historical Marker #132

Located on the house located on South D Street in Virginia City, Nevada.

Mackay Mansion

The Gould & Curry Mining Co. office escaped the 1873 fire to also become the home of John Mackay, "Boss" of the Big Bonanza, which made him the richest man in the Comstock (over $100 million). Mackay also founded the Postal Telegraph Co.


Once the residence of John Mackay, this elegant mansion also served as the office for the Gould & Curry Mining Company. Mackay, as Irish-born immigrant, was the richest man the Comstock ever produced. Built in the 1860's, this building survived the "Great Fire of 1875" and was the headquarters for Mackay, Fair, Flood, and O'Brian - "Silver Kings" of the Comstock.

Notes on this marker:

D street runs east of the main C street. Easiest way to this road is to turn at the Fourth Ward School on the south end.

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