Nevada Rock Art Geocaching Historical Markers

Remo's Great Adventure
Mac's Overlook
Joint Effort
Rule of Thumb
A Carson City Multi-Cache (adopted)
Silver Saddle #1 (adopted)
Silver Saddle #2 (adopted)
Carson Waterfall
Welcome to Washoe
SHM #213 Lakeview
Hobart Overlook

I don't plan on hiding caches all that frequently. Yes, I'm one of those who seeks rather than hides. Why? Just how I play the game.

But, when I do hide a cache, I strive for quality. I don't want a single "lamp-post" cache to my name.

I've also adopted caches and these I'll leave as they were originally placed, unless I believe that placement is of poor quality.

I hope you enjoy the caches I have hidden.