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Here you will find Rules clarifications, policy updates, and proceedures.

    • 5/17/05
      hi teams:

      well, were just a couple days away from rally weekend.

      i just want to make sure that everyone has the waypoints you're going
      to need to get around fallon. these are not rally waypoints. these
      will get you to the various rally locations. to find rally school on
      friday use the route NENTRY. the waypoints are in the offset style,
      so think of your ride out to soda lake as part of rally school. one
      of the waypoints is a slight abstract.

      i should be at rally hq (comfort inn) at around noon until 5ish.
      teams can check in beginning at this time. you will draw lots for
      starting position when you check in.

      rally school will take place beginning whenever there is interest in
      it. make sure you check in at rally hq if you arrive in fallon before
      5. when there are enough teams ready for rally school we will make
      sure an instructor is on location.

      the drivers/navigators meeting will be start between 7:00 & 7:30 at
      the rally school waypoint.

      first vehicle leaves the line at 8:35.

      breakfast at the eagles club is from 8 to 10 on saturday morning. the
      drivers/navigators meeting will take place during breakfast at around

      first vehicle leaves the line at 10:35

      something to think about: for those who are not interested in
      competition and don't want to be on the course for over 5 hours, we
      have created a short course. be advised that the short course has
      fewer caches and fewer course challenges, therefore, fewer points will
      be offered. short course teams also start later in order to get all
      of the full course teams back for dinner. you will need to make the
      decision of long or short course by the time you download your day
      waypoints. the short course is just an abbreviated version of the
      long course. it just takes a few shortcuts here and there. this is
      your choice.

      the awards banquet at the eagles club begins with cocktails at 6 and
      dinner at 7.

      teri has timed herself downloading waypoints, routes and track logs
      and we've determined that, with multiple gps units per team, it will
      take too long to do the download from the starting line. therefore,
      she will begin downloading night waypoints during rally school and day
      waypoints during breakfast. like last year, we will confiscate your
      gps units until you're in the staging lane, a few vehicles before your
      time to leave.

      make sure you bring your download cables. if we cannot download to
      your gps unit you will need to load the waypoints manually.

      i suggest you take one last visit to the rally web site's updates and
      information page at one of the updates relates to items you may
      want to bring. you might also want to take some time with the rules.
      btw: i will have rule books for every entry.

      btw: taking a bit of history from famous drag racer "big daddy" don
      garlits, who in 1967 was not performing well, decided that he would
      not shave until he won a race. he got to remove the whiskers after
      winning the nhra nationals. well, a couple of weeks ago, i decided
      not to shave until i was finished with rally preparations. i'm
      shaving tonight!

      i'm sure there's more, but that's all i can think of right now.

      once again, if you have any questions, just lemme know.

      see you friday, friends!
    • 5/12/05 - Rally waypoints
      hi everyone:

      the entries are still coming in. i think we're going to have a great
      group of teams.

      you may already have these files. i just want to make sure everyone
      gets correct waypoints for getting around fallon. i've also sent
      along waypoints with gpx extensions. maybe this will help for mac


      the waypoints will get you to all of the important waypoints the rally
      will be using while we're in fallon.

      these are not waypoints of the course. you will get them just prior
      to the event.

      if you have not yet reserved your meals for the pancake breakfast
      and/or the awards banquet make sure you contact team laughing gravy
      before tomorrow. we need to tell the eagles club how many will be
      there by that time. email bea at:

      i've also attached the updated version of the rules. i believe teri
      has updated them on the web site if you can't get it open for some

      if you have not made reservations for a hotel, the comfort inn is
      booked-up solid.

      earlier today i made reservations for 5 rooms at the bonanza inn. i
      think they have more rooms. if you call the bonanza, make sure you
      tell them that you're with monty wolf and the geocache group and want
      the discount.

      i guess that's it for now.

      when you see me next friday, i'll be bald from pulling my out my hair.

      i hear the wildflowers are better today than they were last weekend.
      they should be peeking by next weekend.

      as always, if you have any questions, just ask me!

      see you next friday.
    • 5/11/05 - Schedule Change
      hi rally teams:

      who'd'a thought a little thing like breakfast and dinner would have caused such a bunch o' trouble.

      since the eagles club can't accommodate us late enough for us all to get some sleep the breakfast is going to begin at 8.

      the first car to leave morning starting line will leave at 10:35 instead of 11:05.

      and since they all turn into pumpkins early in fallon we need to get you back into town early enough to have plates on the table at 7:00 pm. so, we will be operating under a 2 minute interval for the day rally instead of 3 minutes.

      there have been no changes for the night course.

      speaking of breakfast and dinner, if you haven't contacted team laughing gravy confirming if, and how many, meals you'll need for breakfast and dinner, do so asap. we need to finalize the figures with the eagles by friday. that's this friday, not next. contact bea at:

      i plan to be at the comfort inn by noon. i, or somebody, will be there until around 5:30. you will need to check in with me or somebody in the office at hq before the rally. among other things, you will be drawing for staring position.

      rally school will take place beginning late afternoon at soda lake. make sure you check with rally hq for times.

      i'm shooting for 7:15ish for drivers/navigators meeting.

      first car off the line is at 8:05

      if you have not received downloads of the locations of the starting lines, rally hq, eagles club, etc. let me know asap.

      see you in 9 day.
    • 5/4/05 - What to bring
      hi again:
      almost forgot to send this list of things you'll want to make your rally experience a memorable one.

      Pens – lots of them
      Cell phone
      FRS radio – if you have them
      Flashlight, lanterns, spotlights, headlamp, etc.
      Back-up batteries for GPS-r, flashlights, etc.
      Clothing for any condition
      Tow strap
      Tire pressure gauge (if you use high pressure in your tires while you're on the highway you'll want to reduce it to around 30 psi so you don't puncture your tires while off road)
      Check your spare tire

      cache you later.
      monty wolf
    • 4/14/05 - They're Back!
      Hi Rally Folks:

      GBES is sparing no expense to make your rally experience a memorable one.

      Bring your own fondue pot; Mormon Crickets begin hatching in Nevada
    • 4/12/05
      hi rally participant:
      since we're just a couple of days away from our last edition of rally school i thought i'd remind everyone where and when it will take place.

      the where is in virginia city, nv at mandarin garden chinese restaurant on the corner of "c" and union streets.

      the when would be this saturday, april 16 at 1:30 in the afternoon.

      you can find out further details on the cache page at

      # # # # #

      nv wolf and i traveled most of the day course on sunday. i don't know which course i like best day or night. each has it's own interesting aspects. but, the day course is certainly the most scenic of the two.

      the wild flowers are beginning to pop out. we saw a couple of clusters of desert paintbrush. they should still be in bloom in the higher elevations by the time the rally comes around. you won't miss its bright magenta.

      i can also report that spring has officially arrived in fallon. we saw a couple of flocks of yellow headed blackbirds. when they return to fallon IT IS SPRING!!

      we also saw a couple of golden eagles and an osprey.

      all of these critters of the wing were on the rally course.

      we hope you can make it saturday in v.c. if not, we'll see you in fallon in may.

      cache you later.
      monty wolf
    • 4/5/05
      hi teams:

      just a reminder that the next session of rally school will take place 4/16 in historic virginia city. you can find the cache page at:

      for those who have not chosen a number for the rally you may do so. the following numbers are already taken: 1; 2; 3; 5; 7; 10; 11; 13; 23; 26; 29; 1300; 1313; 1314. any four-digit number that has not already been taken by another team can be requested. if you ran last year you may use the number you used in 2004, as long as it is still available. those who do not chose numbers will be issued numbers at random.

      moonchaser & humveedad and kb7rzf & n7zx have not chosen team names. if you do not chose a team name you will be given team names including your screen names (moonchaser/humveedad & kb7rzf/n7zx).

      as always, if you have any questions. . . just ask 'em by sending an email to this address.

      cache you later.
      monty wolf
    • 3/30/05 - Rally School
      Hi Rally Participants:

      GBES Admin has submitted an Event Cache with We're still waiting for it to be approved.

      Watch for it at GCN8QA.

      It will be in historic Virginia City at Mandarin Garden Chinese Restaurant on "C" and Union Streets.

      We'll be conducting our last episode of Rally School before the rally rolls around in May.

      We hope you'll able to join us!

      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 3/29/05 - Night Caches
      Hi Rally Participants:

      Just a quick note to tell you that the caches for the night rally (all 21 of them) have been placed in the deserts around Fallon.

      These are the "actual" caches that have been submitted to this morning. These will be the caches with the waypoint numbers that we will provide to you after you finish the rally. They will not be posted online until the day after the rally.

      Now, so you don't go bonkers trying to figure out how late you'll have to be out there logging all of these caches let me tell you that there is a cache for the starting line that you will log in the staging line, one for the finish line that you will log when you get there, one for each checkpoint challenge after you find those caches and one for each course challenge that you will log as you finish them.

      The remaining caches will be the route, progressive and multi caches you'll need to find during the rally.

      I would also like to address a question I have received from several entries regarding the general geocaching public logging these caches who did not participate in the rally.

      Well, relax! :-)

      We know you're going to work hard to log those caches and those who don't enter and wish to log the caches are going to have to work hard to get them too.

      All of the caches we placed over the last couple of weeks are, at a minimum, 4-star micro-caches hidden out in the middle of nowhere.

      In order to log these caches, the non-rally participants will also have to submit the "secret word" (which has been placed on each log sheet) that you will have to write on your rally route sheets. This will insure that they have actually "found" the caches and not just logging them to boost their counts.

      I hope this has calmed your concerns.

      Don't forget: the deadline to get an entry in at the reduced fee of $100 is in a couple days. After April 1 the fee increases to $125.

      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 3/25/05 - Fee Increase
      Hi Rally Participant:

      Just wanted to remind you that the entry fee for the GBES Navigational Rally will increase from $100 to $125 on April 1. This is not an April Fools Day Joke!

      If you haven't entered, or you know somebody who's been thinking of entering this is the perfect time to do so. I mean, why pay extra when you don't have to?

      It looks like we will have at least one more session of Rally School before the big day. At this time we're looking at April 16th in Virginia City, NV.

      As far as the rally course preparations go, the night course is finished. The GBES Admin group will be pre-running it tomorrow to establish the average speeds you'll need to adhere to during the rally. We'll be out in force in the coming weeks to hide the caches we'll be posting on

      The snow is melting in the areas we'll be using for the day course. We've already established the route. All we need to do at this point is to get waypoints and set the averages. Well, I guess we're also going to need to hide some caches there too.

      Oh, I almost forgot. If you'd like a little preview of what you can expect during this year's rally surf over to and take a peek for yourself. You should find a clue to the location of the night rally starting line amongst the shots.

      As always, if you have any questions, please, just ask.

      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
      3/5/05 - "Rally Skool" is a comin' to California
      Hi Rally Participant:

      Thanks to the efforts of Desert Skwerl, Rally School has been scheduled for Saturday, March 12 in Penryn, California. To make it even more enticing, Bryan has made it an Event Cache. You can find all the details at: Rally Skool

      Bryan has also come up with a graphic to better explain the Offset. We will have it at the event.

      A few members of GBES Admin will be attending the River City Geocaching and Dining Society's Luau in the Garden Event Cache. We hope you will also be able to attend this one and make it a two-fer Event Cache day. You can find those details at: Luau in the Garden

      Around 100 people attended the Event Cache and Rally School last weekend in Reno. If this is any indication of how many will make the rally I suspect we will reach our limit of 50 entries. After that, we will no longer accept entries. So, don't let any grass grow under your feet!

      Just a reminder that the entry fee for the GBES Rally goes up from $100 to $125 on April 1. No, this is not an April Fools Day Joke. Unless, that is, if you don't get your entry in by that time. Then the joke will be on you.

      Work on the night course will be completed tomorrow and GBES Admin members will be pre-running it later this month to establish our speed averages for the various legs and course challenges. With Spring in the air (I saw a Red-Winged Blackbird last weekend – a sure sign of Spring in Nevada being just around the corner – we should soon be able to get down to business on the day course.

      As always, if you have any questions on the Rally just send us an email and I'll get right on it.

      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 2/24/05 - Sacto School
      hi rally participants:

      due to the overwhelming responce after mentioning a sacramento area training session for this year's rally we've decided to bring as many reno/carson city/fallon cachers with us to make it a party.

      we've yet to decide on a location, but you can count on it to take place on saturday, march 12, sometime around midday.

      as soon as we get a location narrowed down we will let you know.

      we hope this works out for as many cachers as possible.

      we'll submit an event cache form when we have a venue secured.

      cache you later.
      monty wolf
    • 2/21/05 - Views and Sacto School
      hi rally participants:

      we were out working on the night course yesterday. we have about 90% of the waypoints set. the checkpoints are placed and the course challenges established. all that's left of the night course is to decide where we're going to place the caches. i can't wait to run it at night! it should be quite interesting!

      we also dropped by a section of the day course to make a routing decision. while we were there our gbes admin botanist, willybee (who's caching signature item is a personalized packet of wildflower seeds native to the great basin), tossed out native wildflower seeds in select areas for your viewing pleasure.

      not that you won't have much to look at. when we begin the day rally we'll have you out in the desert in minutes and you're going to love the views we set up for you. we'll also pass through a section of the lahontan valley where there is a very good chance that you'll see some of the pacific flyway waterfowl that passes through on their way north. several variety of ducks frequent the canals and lakes of the area. you may also see pelicans. you'll probably see a few great blue heron, a couple species of egrets, ibis, killdeer and avocets. the last time we traveled this section we must have seen 50 flickers, which are related to woodpeckers.

      you'll have a lot of subjects picture taking.

      # # # # #

      due to popular demand, gbes admin is now considering conducting rally school in the sacramento area. if you competed last year and want to know what to expect this year, if you have a friend who is thinking about running or if you know someone who thinks the rules will keep them from having fun, this event will be a must.

      if you would attend such an event (it would be scheduled for a saturday, around midday), please, reply to this post so we can get an idea of how many might attend.

      we really starting to get pumped on this year's rally. the courses are going to be awsome!

      monty wolf
      rally director
    • 2/1/05 - Headquarters Correction
      Boy, we got some sharp rally participants.
      I need to make a correction.
      I erroneously stated that Rally Headquarters would be at the the Fallon Quality Inn when, in fact, there is no Fallon Quality Inn. There is, however, a Fallon Comfort Inn and that is where we will be. All the other details are accurate.
      Comfort Inn
      1830 W. Williams Ave.
      Fallon, NV, US, 89406
      Phone: (775) 423-5554
      Fax: (775) 423-0663

      Gee, and this was going to be a trick question during the rally to see if you really knew where you were going to stay. Don't worry, I'll come up with another blunder to keep you busy. Sorry for the confusion.
      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 2/1/05 - Headquarters Found
      Hi Rally Participant:
      We have sellected a hotel which we will use as Rally Headquarters. GBES will setup operations at the:
    • Correction---
      Comfort Inn
      1830 W. Williams Ave.
      Fallon, NV, US, 89406
      Phone: (775) 423-5554
      Fax: (775) 423-0663

      The Comfort Inn is aproximately 1/2 mile west of last year's Rally Headquarters. Distance to the Churchill County Fairgrounds is similar to last year. Coordinates will be made available soon. Property Details from the Comfort Inn web site:

      FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET access, both wireless and wired, in all rooms! Heated indoor pool. Deluxe Continental Breakfast. Walking distance to shops, restaurants and casinos. Executive and spacious rooms.Pet Accommodation: 10.00/stay (2 pets per room).
      AAA Rating: **
      Check in time:1:00 PM
      Check out time:11:00 AM
      Guests of this Fallon hotel will enjoy many full-service amenities, including free continental breakfast, free local calls and free coffee in the lobby. Guests will also enjoy the indoor heated pool. Business travelers will appreciate modern conveniences like free high-speed Internet access (wireless and wired) in all rooms and computer hook-ups. Access to copy and fax services is also available. The hotel features spacious guest rooms that include irons, ironing boards, hair dryers, coffee makers and cable television. There are a variety of suites that come equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and whirlpool bathtubs. Pets are welcome with a small stay fee. Whether traveling to Fallon for business or pleasure, the Comfort Inn provides warm hospitality and full-service amenities.
      # # # # #
      When making reservations do not use the internet. In order to receive a discount for your room call the number above directly. Tell them you want their Government Rate. No, we're not going to make you join Top Gun, just go with it.
      Of course, it is not mandatory that you stay at Rally Headquarters with the rest of us. To find rates for some of the other Fallon hotels, surf over to and click on and click on the lodging link.
      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 1/24/05 - Note from the Rally Director
      Hi Rally Participants:
      We are firming up arrangements for a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning, May 21. The breakfast will be scheduled to take place before the start of Saturday's rally so you won't have to eat and drive or navigate at the same time. We are currently making arrangements to use the parking lot where the meal will be held as the Starting Line for Saturday. The menu includes pancakes (well, it is a pancake breakfast), sausage and orange juice.
      The price will be under $6 per person. Tickets will need to be purchased prior to the rally so we can secure the facility. We will keep you posted as developments are made clear.
      # # # # #
      The GBES held it's first Event Cache of the year last Saturday in Carson City. The poor management at the Waterwheel Chinese Restaurant didn't know what hit them. That place was packed!
      Most of the event revolved around the rally. We conducted early lessons of Rally School and eased everyone's minds about the rules. We are going to have another Event Cache in February. It will give all geocachers a chance to take a few lessons in Rally School, including the ins and outs of the rally instructions; what happens at a checkpoint; what happens during a Course Challenge; how to hunt for a cache without using the GoTo function of your GPS-r; what's the difference between a Standard Waypoint and an Abstract Waypoint. We'll also answer all you questions and ease you mind about the rules.
      Watch for the event being announced soon.
      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 1/19/05 - Note from the Rally Director
      Hi Rally Participant:
      This year we are allowing rally participant to choose their team's number. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are reserved for the previous year's top 3 finishers - Team Paso, Team Sport Scort and Team Boogsar respectively
      Numbers 13 and 29 have already be reserved.
      All other numbers (up to 4-digits) are available, first come first served, with your paid entry. If you have no number preference, we will issue numbers at random from
      the first available numbers in numberical order.
      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
    • 1/13/05 - Note from the Rally Director
      Hi Rally Participant:
      We're already getting great response to this year's GBES Navigational Rally. To make sure everyone has a fun and challenging rally experience I thought I'd give you a little something to work on while we all wait for May to get here.
      First, let me point out that a few of the rules have been changed. Most of them are rule changes that you asked for. One change that has not yet been made in the rules posted online is in regards to points for the Checkpoint and Course Challenges. Instead of being a flat score that is earned pass or fail, the points will be issued on a sliding scale. Watch for notice of rule changes up to the day of the rally. Since we created this thing from nothing we are still massaging it to make sure the event is fair, fun and fascinating. We have also attempted to make some of the rules easier to understand. Get to know the rules. You'll have much more fun is you know what you can and cannot do.
      Get to know your GPS-receiver and what it does. If you don't have or can't find your manual go to the manufacturer's web site where you should be able to download one. Get to know how the Trip Computer works. Make sure that you have it set to display "Overall Average." During the rally, as long as you stay on route, this will keep you on average with the Official Rally Time. Some units will let you place the overall display on your Map and/or Navigation Pages. During the rally you will want to zero the Trip Computer as you begin each leg.
      With the addition of Course Challenges this year's rally will require participants to use the Route function of your receiver. To get some practical experience with this function have the driver of your team take a ride and set waypoints at intersections where you need to make any turn. Make sure you get at least a dozen waypoints. Create a Route using those waypoints and take a ride. During the Course Challenge sections the waypoints will be too close to each other to set another GoTo every time you pass a waypoint.
      You will notice that your GPS-r operates differently while navigating a route, because the waypoint changes to the next one once you get in the area it is not a good method of searching caches. Therefore, we recommend you bring at least two GPS-receivers; one for navigating the course and one for cache hunting. Having a back-up is not a bad idea anyway.
      If you participated in last year's rally you will remember that the Checkpoint Challenges required the team's navigator to find a cache, in a limited time period, without setting a GoTo on their GPS-r. We suggest you work with your GPS-r so you are comfortable finding waypoints in this fashion. Ask somebody to walk around a park or other large area, drop pennies on the ground and waypoints at those locations. Make sure they set you up with at least a nickel's worth of waypoints. Write the waypoints down on a piece of paper and walk until the readout on your Gps-r matches the waypoint on the paper. Depending on the quality of satellite reception you should be standing on one of the pennies.
      This will give you a little something to practice while we all get ready to have another great Rally Weekend in May.
      As always, if you have any questions regarding the rally, the rules or anything else, just send me an email.
      Cache you later.
      Monty Wolf
      GBES Rally Director
    • 1/12/05 - Note from the Rally Director
      Hi Rally Folks:
      You can enter The Second Annual GBES Rally right now at the GBES Rally web site at: Just click on the Sign Me Up link to enter. While you're there take a few minutes to browse the website to see what we have planned for your rally weekend in May. Entry fee this year is $125 for a two-person team. However, if you enter before April 1, 2005 the fee will be reduced to $100. Passengers in addition to two-member teams will be charged $5 per extra person.
      # # # # #
      To make this the greatest event in geocache history we are attempting to secure as many sponsors as we can. We already have a Tow Truck company that will be standing by to tow any competitor out of the desert at no charge. Another sponsor will be Team Laughing Gravy who will be promoting their book "Geocaching in and Around Reno." We are trying to get a sponsor to pay for the entire cost of the Saturday morning Brunch and the Saturday night Awards Banquet. We are also hoping to sell checkpoints sponsorships.
      And now, here's a chance to earn a Free Entry
      Below is a listing of the various types of sponsorships we want to sell. If you sell one you'll get a Free Entry for your team. Those of you with your own businesses (let me inform you that I'm not a Tax Consultant) may find deduction possibilities by sponsoring the rally. If you pay for an entry and later sell a sponsorship, your entry fee will be returned.
      Here's the Rate Card:
      GBES Rally Title Sponsor: $2500. Sponsor's name will be placed on the title of the event (i.e.: "Second Annual Magellan/GBES Navigational Rally"); inside cover full-page ad in program; Start/Finish Line banner (at our expense); banners at Start/Finish Line area (provided by sponsor - as many as they supply); space at Start/Finish Line area to promote products (sponsor provides tables, canopies, etc.); link from our web site; optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page.
      Award Ceremony Sponsor: $1500. Sponsor's name will be attached to the Awards Ceremony (i.e.: "2005 GBES Navigational Rally Garmin Award Ceremony"); full-page back-cover ad in program; banners at Start/Finish Line area (provided by sponsor - as many as they supply); space at Banquet Venue and Start/Finish Line area to promote products (sponsor provides tables, canopies, etc.); link from our web site; optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page.
      Saturday Morning Brunch Sponsor: $1000. Sponsor's name will be attached to the Awards Ceremony (i.e.: "REI Brunch"); full-page inside-back cover ad in program; banners at Start/Finish Line area (provided by sponsor - as many as they supply); space at Brunch Venue and Start/Finish Line area to promote products (sponsor provides tables, canopies, etc.); link from our web site; optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page.
      Award Sponsor: $750. Sponsor name/logo on trophies and plaques awarded to First, Second And Third Place For Night, Day And Overall Winners; half-page ad in program; banners at Start/Finish Line area (provided by sponsor - as many as they supply); space at Start/Finish Line area to promote products (sponsor provides tables, canopies, etc.); link from our web site; optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page.
      Checkpoint Sponsor: $300. Checkpoint is named for the sponsor ("Flapdoodle Insurance Checkpoint"); exclusive display of banners at checkpoint (at sponsor's expense - as many as they supply); banners at start finish line area (provided by sponsor - as many as they supply); quarter-page ad in program; space at Start/Finish Line area to promote products (sponsor provides tables, canopies, etc.); link from our web site; optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page.
      GBES Rally Advertiser: $400 full-page ad in program with optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page; $300 half-page ad in program; optional discount coupon on the program's coupon page.
      All ads must be camera ready.
      # # # # #
      I think that's it for now. We'll keep you posted as updates occur, but I suggest you check-in at the GBES Rally web site from time to time to stay up-to-speed.
      With all the storms we have received this winter, we are expecting a very green and floral desert for this year's rally.
      I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in May.
      Monty Wolf
      GBES Navigational Rally Director

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