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Greetings geocachers!

Have you ever been on a cache hunt and seen some dirt road snaking off into the horizon and wondered where it led? Or decided not to take the road less traveled, then half regretted your choice?

Now's your chance to explore a few of those roads, as we take the thrill of geocaching and combine it with the adventure of discovery in our 2nd Annual GBES Navigational Rally. With Nevada as our playground, we're going to test the skills of participants by pitting drivers against a mazelike course that winds through the deserts and mountains around Fallon, and finding Cache Challenges along the route that will sharpen the hunting skills of navigators. Teams must work together to make it through the course safely and successfully. Don't worry though, we don't want anyone getting lost, so drivers and navigators will have a series of Checkpoints to keep them on track, getting to those Checkpoints, however, will be entirely up to you.

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